About JHOP

JHOP.me is a site of oral health professionals with the goal of being an educational hub for dental information, operations, and procedures.

Our oral health experts are experts at matching patients with the right dental information and are highly trained, experienced and highly skilled.

Our oral health experts are well studied and hold various certifications and educations.

JHOP.me was started by Jeremy Hopper during his residency program. During his internship, you saw how many people had bad oral health due to the lack of common oral health knowledge.

He set out to create a place that would be able to equip others, no matter their background, education, or financial position.

Jeremy’s grandfather owned a toy factory. Jeremy’s father was a factory worker. When Jeremy was young, there was no iTunes, no Netflix, no nothing. When he grew up, he decided to make something new, something that encouraged all kids—and in particular the ones most at risk of becoming teenagers and getting into trouble—to dream bigger. “I wanted to produce something different,” he says.

JHOP.me is the first of many of Jeremy’s projects. He is constantly learning and building and eventually wants to create a whole online community around dental healthcare. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t give up on a dream, so eventually, it will happen!

JHOP’s Mission

Our vision board felt strongly about the mission of dental education. We also developed an expanded focus on practical dental education and dental placement.

We also established the Dental Diversion Program (DDP), for persons with learning disabilities and for other persons who find the traditional system of in-service dental education too limiting. The DDP is unique in that it combines the approaches of an intensive, school-based dental program with the flexibility of a day-to-day service, by allowing participants to practice and improve their oral health at a regular office or clinic.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recognizes the principal aspects of our approach to providing a comprehensive dental education and career development to people with learning disabilities.

Jeremy has worked closely with board members including the late Sheppard’s former treasurer Chris Mackey and Green Party MLA Donald Darby.

“We were both looking forward to what became my illustrious dental career in 2015,” said Broome.

Born on Feb. 17, 1950, in Calgary, Broome earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in biology at Calgary Institute of Technology. She also received her master of arts degree in behavioral science from the University of Manitoba.

After medical school, Broome joined our board and has served as director of professional standards. When the JHOP issued a news release this year about the force’s efforts to reduce dental decay, Broome was named chair of the JHOP’s Dental Diversion Program.