The field of online marketing is beset with many hazards and, as yet, there has been no textbook or codex of structured “best practices” that merchants and online marketers can use to plan out campaigns with guaranteed results.

Many of those working in online marketing have to go through a lot to find out what does and doesn’t work. Since I began my career in SEO many years ago I have hit my share of landmines and observed others hit landmines; not every error is guaranteed to sink your ship, and many can be successfully avoided.

Following are 5 of the most notable mistakes that should be prevented to keep an online marketing campaign functioning and making progress:

1. Lack of Onsite Content Strategies

In times passed, before the advent of Google’s Panda Algorithm update, it was not unusual to see many minuscule sights with one page and many inbound links taking up the choice spots on the front SERPS or search engine result pages.

This was because back then, the results favored the many links over page quality.

The biggest change that occurred with the introduction of Panda was the rapid promotion of sites with high-quality content. It would be virtually impossible to improve the ranking of any keyword today without the support of a steady stream of quality content.

What is “Quality” content in the eyes of the search engines? Google determines high quality by:

  • The Quality and Quantity of Inbound Links bringing traffic to the page.
  • The Grammar and spelling used in the Content and Page
  • Text Formatting Cues
  • The quality of links coming to the page from social media platforms
  • Length of Content
  • Use of Subheads
  • Outbound links

When Preparing your Online Strategy, it is important to create content that will attract and engage your audience. Some ways to include this in the strategy plan include:

  • Infographics — This is an excellent tool for presenting information in an easily-digestible capsule form.
  • Advice —Using authority and perspective to improve the lives of those you hope to attract to your product or service is an excellent way to make yourself an actual “benefit” to your clients.
  • Exclusive Content — Finding some particularly useful data that you know your customers will value and making it available on your main page shows you know your clients and this is incredibly attractive.

2. Lack of Offsite Content Strategy

Not having a formidable offsite strategy can be equally as wrong, here’s why:

One of the most important indicators of a site’s relevance to the search query is the quantity of inbound links directing traffic to the site. When other sites that have affiliated options and services are linked together, it makes an extremely authorative combination.

A link to your site is like a road that will bring the online consumers of a particular area to your site and options. The importance of links can’t go underestimated; this includes the source of these links if they seem fake or fabricated they will do more to ruin your online authority than contribute to it.

3. Not Investing Time in the Campaign

Online marketing is more profitable the longer it is carefully cultivated. Over time, your return on investment will begin to climb if you duck out of the scene too early you may run the risk of losing all and ending up much worse in the end.

The long-term objectives that will be gained are far more important than the instant results that can be very enticing but also very fickle and can leave as soon as they come. The long term goals of site authority, improved relevance will bring round greater dividends in the long run.

4. Not Investing Enough Resources into the Campaign

Many online merchants have stumbled into the online marketing game, lured by promises of huge returns on investments and have ultimately become the victim of a charlatan rather than a reputable SEO professionals.

I often come across sites supported by these low-budget SEO firms, they are easily identified by butchered English, content stuffed with keyword but lacking coherent flow and many other tell-tale signs that professional skills are lacking.

Choosing to hire on budget friendly SEO providers should be done with extreme prejudice; you will need to ask what you are giving up to save a buck or two — Skill? Experience? Professionalism and ultimately results!

5. Not Carefully Managing the Campaign

Online marketing, especially once you leave the wading pools and enter deep waters, is much too complex to be managed by a single technician. To maximise the results of a campaign and successfully cover all the bases, it requires a team of skilled professionals combining different skills and specialties.

Most of the big corporations with resources to burn can afford the luxury of an in-house SEO team, this is very costly. However, for the small to medium, sized company there are many SEO agencies with unique brands of service.

There are also many freelance SEO technicians and by carefully coordinating and combining various content writers, social media experts and a web designer it is entirely possible to command quite an effective marketing campaign — you could even take on the world.

The important thing to remember is that online marketing is the surest and most efficient way of increasing online supremacy, but it is also a product of exact measurements — so be sure to check and make sure you have all the ingredients before you make the cookies.