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You may have heard the statement that “content is king.” Well, what about SEO? To help you envision the importance of good SEO, it is best to think about it as the castle that the king lives in. At JHOP, SEO is everything to us. We love what we do, and we want to help small business owners and web designers learn and grow. To that end, we are committed to sharing the latest techniques, advice and strategies in the field.

JHOP is the place for small business owners that understand how to use the Internet. We develop WordPress plugins, Photoshop guides, and articles that delve into important topics like typography, responsive design, usability, HTML 5, and jQuery. There is also information that focuses on the business aspect of mobile applications, design, inspiration, small business running and more. If it fits within the Internet Marketing world, we want to know about it.

What is our background as it relates to SEO? Well, in 2010, the site was founded by John Thomas, a web designer from Vancouver, Canada. JHOP doesn’t just touch on modern Internet Marketing; it is invested in all aspects of it. Marketers from all around the world get together and join forces, helping JHOP share valuable information as it relates to small business owners. These professionals post guides, articles and more to help the community of business entrepreneurs flourish.

John Thomas has been quoted as saying that he began JHOP as a result of relationships. He worked with a variety of agencies and firms that were invested in the work, but the clients were not always happy. There was a disconnect somewhere, and search engine marketing was provided to clients that were not a good match for it.

Because John Thomas enjoys being a leader and thinking outside the box, he has a number of different experiences under his belt that all help him relate to companies and small businesses in particular. Also, his work with opening retail stores and small businesses has helped him develop into a problem-solver.

Please contact us if you would like to help grow the site by providing freebies or submitting an article.