What Is Bruxism And How To Effectively Protect Your Teeth From It?

If you ever wake up and feel pain in your teeth and/or jaw, you might be dealing with the consequences of bruxism which is a oral condition in which your jaw clenches and causes the grinding of your teeth. This is typically something that occurs while you are sleeping. However, in severe cases, it can occur even when you are fully awake. Below, we will be going over some of the main causes of this type of condition and how to protect your teeth from it.


1. Stress

One of the main things that are likely to cause you to grind your teeth excessively is the onset of stress. If you are dealing with a high amount of stress, you are likely going to be dealing with teeth grinding of some form.

2. Caffeine

Another major factor that could influence your condition would be the intake of caffeine. If you are a heavy caffeine user, you will likely be making your condition worse if you have bruxism and/or it could even be at the root cause of it in the first place.

3. Depression

Another common cause of this type of teeth grinding condition is depression. If you are suffering from some form of depression, the root cause might have to do with it.

Unfortunately, there is not much research that indicates why these are the causes of it. However, these causes are typically correlated with either the onset of the condition or a worsening of the condition. Now that we have gone over some of the major causes of the condition, we will be discussing some of the different treatment options that you have available.

Treatment Options:

1. Stopping The Cause

The biggest treatment option that you are going to have available would be to figure out what is causing you to grind your teeth in the first place. Obviously, if you are grinding your teeth primarily because you are a caffeine drinker, you are going to want to try to switch to caffeine alternatives that will not cause your teeth to clench. Along with this, if you are suffering from bruxism primarily because of heightened stress levels, you might want to work towards minimizing your stress either through medication or natural remedies. Same if you are experiencing this type of condition as a direct result of depression. If you are, you will want to discuss with your dentist the different options available to you.

2. Devices

Another option that you might have available would be a special device that is used to bring your bottom jaw forward. These are typically going to be used if you are suffering from the condition because you have some form of sleep disorder. Along with grinding, it can help those that suffer from sleep apnea as well.

Ways To Protect Your Teeth:

Custom Mouthguard

The best way to protect your teeth if you are someone that experiences this condition would be to invest in a custom mouth guard. By investing in a custom mouth guard, you are going to make it much easier to protect your teeth from the consequences of teeth grinding.

Unfortunately, this is not something that will stop the act altogether. Instead, it is something that can lessen the impact that it has on your teeth. Because these custom mouth guards are meant to be tailored to your mouth, they are going to make it much easier for your teeth to glide against one another which can help to relieve some of the stress off of your jaw. Therefore, you should experience less jaw pain moving forward. Along with this, the custom mouthguard is also going to help protect your teeth from having the enamel worn out as a result of the grinding.

Overall, there are a lot of different ways you will want to go about stopping the condition. Unfortunately, the root cause is not necessarily certain. The best way to stop the condition is to figure out what is triggering it and what is likely causing it. By doing this, you can make lifestyle changes that are needed to lessen the severity of the condition itself and you should be able to figure out the best ways to protect your teeth from getting damaged from it moving forward.